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Our Services

We offer a full range of IT&C services, building up solutions ”from zero” ”to turnkey”

Project Management

Project management is an activity we meet in any project, regardless of its complexity. It is the activity that governs the execution of all other activities, meaning the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements and to achieve the targeted results.

Software Development

Software development activities consist of writing code to implement the requirements identified during the analysis and design stages, at the level of applications and databases. Depending on the requirements of the project, we use various programming languages, middle-ware components, and database systems either COTS or open source.

Systems Implementation

Implementation services are the final stage before the operation and maintenance of information systems. This stage ensures the transition to go live and includes activities such as installing and configuring components on the production environment, training users and system administrators.

Future Technologies

Because we are permanently connected to technological trends, we always try to include in our solutions technologies from the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and IoT.

Business Analysis

Business analysis services are essential for the implementation of an IT system. The activities carried out during the analysis stage help to find the business needs and defining solutions to business problems. The functional and non-functional requirements of the future information system are defined.

Systems Integration

Often, the IT systems we develop need to communicate with other customer’s IT systems to share data and / or reuse certain functionalities. In this sense, we perform integration activities from analysis and design, to code writing and configuration.

Hardware Supply, Installation, and Configuration

We provide the entire hardware infrastructure consisting in servers, storages, and communication hardware to ensure a turnkey integrated information system. Our system engineers will ensure the installation and configuration of the equipment on which the computer systems will run.

Documents Digitization Services

Digitization of documents is closely related to the implementation of information systems. The import of electronic files resulting from digitization creates digital content that will be used by customers through information systems. Another purpose of digitization is electronic archiving.

Systems Architecture

The information system design services intertwine with the business analysis services. During the design activities is depicted, from a technical point of view, at a sufficient level of detail, the system to be implemented. The system requirements, those for the life cycle, as well as the hardware and software technologies necessary to meet the functional and non-functional requirements are defined.


Testing services are part of the quality assurance process. Thus, we will discover the errors of IT systems before putting them into production. Testing activities are performed manually or automatically and usually include functional testing, integration testing, stress testing.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Once the information system is in go live stage, our mission is not over. We ensure its proper functioning through level 1, 2, and 3 technical support services (corrective maintenance), and through preventive and adaptive maintenance services.