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Our products offer support for all stages of documents digitization such as inventory, scanning, indexing, physical archiving, search, and view, ensuring thus the entire digitization flow.
These are gathered in an integrated platform, Digital FX Platform.
Digital FX Platform includes 3 components: Digital FX Server, Digital FX Station, and Digital FX Discovery, with the following features:

Digital FX Server

  • Multi-project, multi-company, multi-user management.
  • Complete configuration of fields for retrieving textual indexes.
  • Multi-stage management allows the management of all phases of digitization, especially inventory, scanning, indexing.
  • Management of validation processes for scanned documents and validation of texts retrieved by indexing.
  • Automatic extraction of the full text of documents.
  • Automatic extraction of indexes from the text of documents by smart matching.
  • Management of processing flows, complete status, responsible, complete audit of each operation.
  • Export of documents as PDF and export of taken indexes as XML or JSON files.
  • Use of separators for automatic document processing.
  • Documents and textual information associated with documents preview directly in the web browser.

Digital FX Station

  • Local process management.
  • Accurate tracking of scanned volumes and scanning staff.
  • Inventory tracking and validation between inventory, scanning and processing.
  • Local processing of documents such as assembly into multipage documents or extraction of statistics.
  • Connect directly to the server to send information.

Digital FX Discovery

  • Quick search in millions of documents.
  • Documents retrieval based on content.
  • Retrieval based on information from indexes.
  • Documents and indexes preview directly in the browser.